Thursday, 17 April 2014

OJ's BIT Review - The Valley of Gwangi

60s sci-fi with Cowboys vs Dinosaurs - whats not to love??

The Valley of Gwangi is an old western about about a guy, a girl, a circus and a valley. This is a film I enjoy watching, weather it's Harryhousen's special effects (this movie has some exellent stop-motion for it's time) or the cheesy acting, this film has a fun story from beginning to end. Some may say it's King Kong with a T-Rex which I see where they're comming from as it has some very similar scenes but it's different enough to enjoy without being reminded of Kong all throughout. The characters are fun to watch and give out some 60s cliche dialouge and the locations are pretty cool to see. After watching the movie you realise how many references the Jurassic Park series makes too it, I remember one or two bits where I thought 'hey, that's in Jurassic Park!' But all in all it's a brilliant pop culture film and definitly worth a watch, even if you just wanna see a Tyrannosaur fight an elephant. The Valley of Gwangi was TIME WELL SPENT.

Monday, 31 March 2014

OJ's TV Review - The Musketeers series 1

Yeah, the only reason I really watched this was because Peter Capaldi was in it.

The Musketeers is the BBC's latest gritty period drama starring mostly people I've never heard of. The trailers looked interesting though and I wanted to see some Capaldi acting before he shows up in Doctor Who later this year. To start off I really didnt like The Musketeers, I thought the first few episodes were kind of boring and Capaldi's Cardinal was by far the most intersting aspect of it; what suprised me though was about half way through the series it picked up tremendusly; episode 6 aired and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, all the episodes after that were also really entertaining. I dont know if it was the story arc unfolding or just the singular plots in general had gotten better but the latter half of the series was far superior to the beginning. I think I was expecting it to be like the 2011 movie which I really enjoyed but The Musketeers is its own thing and in the end was pretty fun to watch. As finales go the last episode was very good and we eventually got the "All for one..." line which showed how far the characters had come since episode one. In the end IT WAS OK+.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Wow, now that's a game-changer.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, film number 9 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a most relevant one at that. The directors, producers and writers all said it was the one that followed most closely to The Avengers and would go almost directly into Avengers: Age of Ultron and all-in-all a big game-changer; they weren't kidding. The movie is unlike the rest, it doesn't quite seem like a Marvel movie most of the way through but rather a really unique spy movie, which it is. The plot is extremely well done, I loved it from beginning to end, very good points that flowed the story and even some twists that pleasantly surprised me. The new characters they brought in were fantastic, the Falcon I especially enjoyed, his character was cool, comedic, and just an enjoyable person to watch; Robert Redford's political character was also on top form although the characters' traits and ambitions I have seen in other movies. Now talking of characters, the movie's subtitle the Winter Soldier was a fantastic, unique character who's life was deep and interesting to watch, the majority may know of his true identity already as Marvel haven't really done anything to cover it up as it is obvious from about 5 mins of casting research, but I felt the character wasn't used as much as I thought; his name is in the title but his story isn't the main arc, he was in less scenes than I expected. Another disappointer for me was that the climax seemed to have a lot more violence than previous ones, not as graphic as Thor: TDW, but certainly quite strong, almost distracting - although that may have been the cinema experience. In the end I thought Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the best of the MCU, and even Marvel movies in general. Pure AWESOMNESS.

Monday, 3 March 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Dreamworks' latest animation about a time-travelling dog and his adopted son - how could you resist?

So I went to see this with not much expectation at all, the one trailer I had seen didn't really grab me but I decided to see it anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Mr. Peabody is this extremely intelligent dog who can talk and his adopted son Sherman is a 7-year-old boy who is a sponge for facts but quite slow practically. They go on adventures through time to learn about history. The movie sets that up in the first 15 minutes, which by the way it was done it looked like the movie was going to be some kids documentary about history but when it actually got into the story it was really fun. The comedy made me laugh, the visuals are stunning, I wish I could've seen it in 3D, the story is quite unique but also had similar elements of other movies, I got a Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure vibe and you get some pretty generic characters that you've seen in quite a lot of animated movies but the plot was't boring; I was interested to the end. The voice acting is pretty average but the way Mr. Peabody says things do add a certain something to the film. It's my third 8/10 this year: I'D SEE IT AGAIN.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

OJ's Movie Review - The Monuments Men

A unique film, an amazing story, a brilliant cast.

The Monuments Men stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Hugh Bonneville. The basic premise is that in WWII a group of men, all with a passion for different types of art, must travel around Europe stealing back the stolen art from the Nazis. I have to say before watching this I loved the trailer and was quite excited until seeing some reviews which said it was no where near as good as they expected but nevertheless I went and saw it and I came away understanding where people criticized it but all-in-all I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's fun seeing all these brilliant actors in one film, the comedy is good, the story has a nice moral and all together I liked it. I've hear people say it's boring but I wasn't bored at all, the pacing inst fast, and there aren't particularly any 'action scenes' but it's by no means boring. The way the film is put together I thought was a little strange, the first half felt like a series of sketches mixed with a very dramatic story of World War horror; about half way through it got much better but you did get the odd scene which added nothing to the story but gave you a good laugh, which I did. So in the end The Monuments Men was a gentle film with some very funny moments and some quite sad moments and worth a watch if you want a break from the fast-paced CGI destruction of modern cinema. I'D SEE IT AGAIN.

Monday, 24 February 2014

OJ's BIT Review - Convict 99

This the first Back In Time review, and today's classic entertainment is the movie Convict 99.

  This is one of the many Will Hay films that were made in the early 1900's, and in case you didn't know, Will Hay was a true British comic genius. Convict 99 Hay plays a school teacher who is being transferred to another school but due to a mix-up with some names he is mistaken as a prison governor and sent to some tough prison down in Devon. To make it worse when he arrives in a drunk state he is mistaken for a convict. From beginning to end this film is full of laughs. Original British comedy is truly a gem; Will Hay does comedy brilliantly and this film is no exception and as with most of his other films it also stars crazy old Moore Marriott and funny kid Graham Moffatt who add to the laughs as well. The story isn't half bad as well and you love how the characters react to different situations. Don't always turn away from black & white movies, especially the comedies, I'd give Convict 99 a 10 out of 10 any day, pure AWESOMNESS.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

OJ's Movie Review - The LEGO Movie

I haven't actually reviewed an animated movie in quite while, but how could I pass this one up?

I love LEGO, I've had it since I was very little, I love building things, usually just building them and never touching them again but I also played with the sets I had. So when I learnt that there was a LEGO movie coming out I was so pumped and ready for it that when the first trailer came out I just wanted to show everybody. And just a mere few hours ago I sat and watched the full film at the cinema. What can I say about a movie entirely based on an actual brand? Is it just a giant product ad? Well I think the urge to buy/play LEGO afterwards is just an added bonus. The LEGO Movie is some of the best animation I've ever seen, these things on screen look especially real, almost to the point where you're convinced that certain parts must be stop-motion (I still think bits are). Adding to the animation is of course the voice cast, with Chris Pratt leading (2014 seems to be his year as the main guy) and also Will Arnett whose work I've only seen in voice form in animated movies and then the big one: Morgan Freeman. All these guys do terrific work and the lines and jokes they come out with are fantastic. The storyline itself can seem a little slow at times but as a whole it's pretty solid, the last 30 mins especially is the best part. Oh and by the way, for the next week you'll have an awesome song going round your head! All in all I'D SEE IT AGAIN.