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Thursday, 24 July 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This movie is actually the definition of intense.

I've been looking forward to this film for while, back when I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes I thought that it was such a well made movie and looked forward to where it was going. Now I finally get to see what has become of Ceaser and his tribe, and boy did I.  Dawn starts off showing us an average day in this society the apes have built up in the last 10 years; and that just to start off was fascinating, the shots you see, the feel of it all is just unlike anything you've ever seen. Soon after you start getting the plot, the humans need to get to a big dam to restore power but the forest of the apes blocks their way. Now through the various interactions between apes and humans you are holding your breath just hoping for both their sakes every single meeting between them goes well, you can feel the power of such a sight of these apes and how scary they must be; even within the ape tribe itself you see trust issues start with one of the apes - the incredibly freaky-looking Koba. You can also see from the humans apocalyptic camp how they're getting so desperate you know that the climax isn't going to be nice. Now with this story you may start predicting certain events but after jut a few more scenes you realise the plot is going a completely different way, there were most definitely a few surprises in there for me, so as whole, the storyline was fantastic. The actors themselves, well, who can fault Andy Serkis, the king of motion-capture does an excellent job, I love how realistic this apes moved and look, just great; the humans although weren't bad actors I just wasn't as involved in their lives as I was the apes, I had been with Ceaser longer so these new people we had to like just were OK, not bad but nothing special.  Of course I have to touch on the special effects, the CGI in this movie was out of this world, some of the things you see I probably couldn't distinguish between physical prosthetics. The feel and tone of this film is so unique you come out the cinema thinking 'wow'. The only critique I have is probably that there are one or two cliché events or lines of dialogue but in the end Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was AWESOMENESS.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

OJ's Movie Review - X-Men: Days of Future Past

Do you realize that since the release of the first X-Men film both Spider-Man and Superman have been rebooted, twice?

First it was a trilogy, then there was a prequel, and then a separate prequel, and then a spin-off from the trilogy and now we have... a reboot? X-Men: Days of Future Past is the 7th movie in the X-Men franchise, a franchise that's been on our screens for fourteen years; it's had some ups, it's had some downs, but it has certainly been a unique series. This year we get to see not only the original cast but also the refreshed younger cast. Of course the film involves time travel but this time it's quite different from mainstream sci-fi time travel, the movie doesn't dwell on it too much, if at all; the main focus is definitely the characters, I noticed two or three times that it showed more character interactions and dialogue than previous X-Men films, I mean of course there are the fight sequences and the big special effect scenes but the story definitely drove it a lot. Talking of the story I heard going in that this movie fixed every continuity error of the past films and was like a huge refresh; now after seeing it I was a bit taken back by how they did it; they do in a sense fix all the problems but in quite a big way, that's all I'll say not going into spoilers. One thing that did fascinate me with the movie was the look and feel, the parts set in the future, although not many, were for me the highlight, they were the most action-packed and the most emotional; the past has those things too but not as strong I don't think, although I did enjoy when they made it look like scenes were filmed on an old 70's camera. Obviously it was great seeing all the cast again and each one did a fantastic role, Hugh Jackman will always own Wolverine and although he took a bit more of a backseat in this one he still is entertaining to watch. In the end, I don't think it is the best X-Men film ever but I'D SEE IT AGAIN.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Godzilla

Story, visual effects and all-round feel of the movie have improved drastically since the 1998 version, but still fans aren't happy?

When I first heard they were remaking Godzilla I thought to myself that the Roland Emmerich one wasn't too bad and that there were better films to be made. Of course I was using memories from my childhood sitting on the sofa watching a huge dinosaur-thing smashing around New York. Come to 2014 though and through various leaks, posters, announcements etc. I'm starting to get into the Zilla mood, and then one day I saw the teaser trailer. The best trailer I've ever sen in my life. That brought me on board for definite. So after seeing the movie and hearing how divided the fans are I was a tad disappointed, not by the movie, just how many didn't like it. To me this new Godzilla was a very atmospheric movie, the feel of it can sometimes send shivers down your spine, the sounds it creates and the music by far make it what it is. The film also grounds itself into realism too, don't go in expecting Pacific Rim, this is very different regarding execution, it doesn't show Godzilla every five minutes, it focuses a lot on the human story, almost as if the giant destructive forces of nature now appearing were like a back-drop. That I think that is where it lost a lot of its fans; I myself thought it was interesting way to go and didn't mind it. Don't get me wrong you do see full shots of Godzilla and what he does which are some of the best scenes in cinema, the CGI is barley worth mentioning as of course it's going to be fantastic. As a film critic though I do have to share my negative points and that was that one or two times there are instances where unrealistic things happen concerning locating a massive creature (or lack of) which do take you out of the movie. Other than that and what I would say quite an abrupt ending Godzilla 2014 was TIME WELL SPENT.

Monday, 19 May 2014

OJ's TV Review - Person of Interest season 3

I don't know why this series isn't getting more popular, it is absolutely fantastic.

Person of Interest has finished it's third season. Last time we had the evolving plot of the corrupt cop group called HR. That story arc carries on into this quite heavily and comes to a climactic end mid-season. I think they finished it well and at the right time before it got to annoying and weighed down; the results of the HR plot affects the series quite a bit and although it surprised me I felt it has a powerful punch to any long-time viewer. In season 2 a character called Root showed up and became a sort of antagonist to the series; this time round though she is less of a villain and more of an obstacle that keeps appearing and then as the series progresses she comes more of a main character and also evolving into what you could call an ally to the team. In the end I really like her character and she adds a lot to the series. The main team themselves have some brilliant episodes, each member has a huge revelation or a big dive into their story arc. During the latter half of the series, two story arcs rise up concerning the machine which eventually come together to make an awesome finale, they did the end so well and so climactic I honestly had to check if there was a season 4 being made (there is) because the whole premise now has changed and that is very exciting.  One thing I can say is that Person of Interest does emotion really well, some of the scenes and the way it's shot is so well done it makes you the love the series more and more. Another thing it does well is definitely the humor, the comedic timing of this is fantastic, quick one-liners or a bit of dry humor really do make the series an enjoyable piece of entertainment. All-in-all with all these brilliant elements mixed in I think season 3 is the best season of Person of Interest and I'm giving it was TIME WELL SPENT.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

OJ's Movie Review - Junk Head 1

A 30 minute short-film uploaded to YouTube - better than some big movies I've seen at the cinema.

So it's not an official film or anything (but hey it has an IMDB page) but I really had to review it because it's just an amazing piece of art. The creator if it, Takahide Hori, took four long years to make it because he has a full-time job so this was done on late nights, and busy weekends - but the work he has put into it is incredible. The basic plot is that in the distant future mankind begins research on clones that live underground in search of lost genetic information so they send one little guy deep below the surface. The film itself has very dark, atmospheric feel to it. The sounds, visuals and everything are all really eerie and creepy; and then some scenes are very thrilling and heart-racing. It's all surrounded in mystery as well, you never quite know what actually happened all those years ago and with the story you never know whats round the corner (literally). But it's not always dark, there's humorus scenes in it too, quite a good mix actually of humor, horror, and then some fun scenes too because the music is really cool. So I think for a 30 minute film created in four years Junk Head 1 is AWESOMNESS.
  After it was uploaded, Takahide set up a campaign for $100,000 to make a 60 minute sequel. If he gets that then he'll quit his job and work full-time on the Junk Head 2. Unfortuanatly it ends on Febuary 28th and the contributions arn't going up to high; but if you want to donate for the next Junk Head film then here's the link:

Watch the full film on YouTube thing HERE.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

OJ's TV Review - Sherlock series 3

Dare I say?....... BEST SERIES EVER.

  Wow, Sherlock is back, I mean back! He jumped off a building, hit the ground and then he's just BACK. For two years the Internet has come up with 1000 different theories and then along came 'The Empty Hearse' and fandom imploded. The first episode of this series was excellent, it made fun of what people have said, it gave viewers it's own fan fiction and was just what BBC's Sherlock should be - funny as ever, thrilling as ever, enjoyable as ever, I mean they upped the stakes a bit in the first episode but boy was it good. Then along comes episode 2 and this just borders on stand-up comedy, 'The Sign of Three' is hilarious from beginning to end, it has crime scenes obviously, cases to solve and all that but not quite the way they've done it before which has seemed to split some fans but I enjoyed it. And then of course is the third and final one; 'His Last Vow', what can I say? At the time of writing this it's been less than 40 minutes since it finished and I'm still in shock. Every Sherlock series has a cliff-hanger and I was worried it would't quite stand up to the first two but this is equal, if not better. All in All series 3 was a brilliant ride; I love how everything links together, how each title references basically one line of an episode and just how it looks, the visuals, music, actors everything - pure genius. Sherlock's third run really is: AWESOMNESS!

Monday, 30 December 2013

OJ's Movie Reviews - The Dark Knight Trilogy

Man of Steel 2 is coming ever closer and even next year we'll see the toy version of him in The LEGO Movie, but now you can read my review of the latest appearance of the Batman!

I never watched this trilogy when it first came out, I have literally only seen it all at once recently. So instead of reviewing each movie singularly I thought I'd put it all in one review.
  So first off is Batman Begins; the introduction of the main characters and the origin story of Batman himself. I thought this movie was a nice surprise, I enjoyed watching this; there were parts I wasn't expecting and I enjoyed it. The storyline was very good, the characters were interesting and although I felt the villain(s) were slightly weak it was still good; I enjoyed the humor and the action together - it reminded me of season 1 of Arrow, I know this film came out first, but it is a similar story.
  Next in the series was The Dark Knight, I heard this film praised over and over again of how good it was, so I had high hopes and I watched it. Now I think everyone can say that the late Heath Ledger did an excellent job as the psycho Joker, his mannerisms and everything were pure creepy. The film did of course take a very dark turn after the first movie which I think took something away from the plot; the plot I think was very messy and a bit weak in places; so with a plot like that and then a maniac villain it, at times, felt uncomfortable to watch, so I know its not the favored view of many but I felt this was the weakest movie out the three.
  Finally then was The Dark Knight Rises which was one I was looking forward too, and boy did it give. I liked this movie a lot, better than the previous two and just and enjoyable watch. It felt like you were watching parts of other films but yet something completely new at the same time, it brought back the humor that the second one lacked and it was just and extraordinary conclusion to the trilogy, the stakes had gone so much higher and was thoroughly enjoyable.
  All in all I'd give the trilogy as a whole a TIME WELL SPENT.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Gravity

Yeah, I don't think I want to be an astronaut anytime soon...

So Gravity stars Sandra Bullock as a scientist sent to fix some satellite in space, George Clooney is also there too but the movie centers on Bullock; after A while something bad happens and a load of debris hits their ship. Now to start off, this film had loads of hype before I went to see it, people said it was amazing, reviewers gave it 10 out of 10 and so I was very excited to see it. And when I did see it I can see that the visuals definitely was the source of their enjoyment. The whole look of this film is just amazing, the long camera pans, the intense shots, the claustrophobic angles are all brilliant; especially in 3D, yes I sawGravity in 3D and it is one of the best 3D films I've ever seen; I imagine it is quite enjoyable in 2D but this was just heightened the experience; when that debris was flying towards the screen my eyes sure flinched a lot. I thing to some people it may make them feel sick because it is very realistic; anytime I now think of people in space this is what I think it would be like; just the views and things are amazing. The music also goes well with it, I love the score to this, especially those parts where it goes incredibly loud and then just cuts and its silence, like the silence of space. The story line itself although good felt a bit repetitive about half way through; the scenarios the main character gets in are so similar every time that it verges on unrealistic, in that way I think it was hyped just that bit too much but apart from that its an interesting experience to watch and I'D SEE IT AGAIN.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Captain Phillips

I think the tagline for this movie should definitely should have been CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Everything goin' be OK.

 So Captain Phillips is based of a true story of a man called Richard Phillips whose cargo ship he was on was boarded by Somali pirates and bad things happen. Now to start off with this film has an epic feel of realism too it; the shots and atmosphere of this film are just very real, it shows you engines of the giant ship humming which if you've been on a big ship you know you hear it or just the small rooms or the general feel of being out at sea. What I noticed as well, which I think added to the realism a lot was there wasnt much background music, at the beginning, and at the end and some other scenes it was just sound effects and dialogue which was really good. That just added to the amazing story this film documents of Captain Phillips and his run in with these four pirates - what I wasn't expecting is them to show a bit of back story to the pirates, it showed them right at the beginning in Africa and a glimpse of what their life is and what is generally what they do for work and why; not really in that kind of "these are also good guys too" way but it shows how everything happens. Now the whole film is 2 and a quarter hours so there are some slow bits in the middle but it still captivates you and the end of this film, wow, I heard it was one of Tom Hanks' best performances to date and I'd say so too. The final act of Captain Phillips is extremely intense and had my heart pumping for sure which rarely happens. So in the end this was a powerful film based on a true story and I give it the rating of TIME WELL SPENT.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

OJ's TV Review - Sherlock series 1 & 2

With series 3 coming soon-ish, I decided to review the first lot of this brilliant show.

 BBC's Sherlock is all about Sherlock Holmes (if you didn't know), but with this adaption, the entire thing takes place in modern day. So yes, modern day London is where all the mysteries take place and the clever twists and plots. Now one of the reasons I'm reviewing series 1 & 2 together is that these two have pretty much one story-arc spreading over them and judging by the final episode of series 2, the next will be slightly different. The story arc in mind is that of his infamous enemy Moriarty, which in this adaption is not a man you want to mess with; seriously, this guy is nuts - and I thought the series did it very well, the whole atmosphere and stories where really good. The way Sherlock sees things comes up on the screen in writing and pictures, all very clever and just fun to watch. Oh, and Sherlock isn't really a likable character, well for the viewer I suppose, but if you really ever met this Sherlock then you wouldn't be friends for long, and that side of him gives a lot of humor to the story. Now with Sherlock each series has only 3 episodes each, and I know that doesn't seem much but each episode is one and a half hour long! So not the measly 45 mins like Doctor Who and nor just a full hour like some TV series are; and it doesn't feel like its dragging either, each story grabs your interest from beginning to end. So if your not watching Sherlock now then go and do it now because it is... AWESOMENESS

Thursday, 11 July 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Now You See Me

I seem to be reviewing a lot of movies lately, but this one's a good one.

This movie is one of the most interesting, movies I've seen in a long time. I honestly don't know what else to say, it's really thought-provoking and just fascinating to watch; not just for the illusions featured in the film or the explanation of how they're done, but also the story, the puzzle, everything. Now You See Me, I was expecting to be some big heist film with some cool scenes of illusion and then an on-the-run type scenario, but really, it's much more. It's one huge mystery from the first scenes, and then the very last scene, you're just kind of like, 'wait, what?'. All-in-all I can say Now You See Me is definitely worth a watch, by everyone; the plot takes you in and you enjoy whats happening, one or two parts I felt were a tad boring but they only lasted, like, 3 mins. I will definitely want to see it again and urge you to go watch it too. I don't really have a rating system (at the minute) but I would put this film at level: AWESOMENESS

Friday, 14 June 2013

OJ's TV Review - Person of Interest season 2

 Really, what kind of name is Root?

  So here we go, season 2 of Person of Interest, if you've read my first review you'll know I likened it a lot to the film Eagle Eye but its come much further away from that now - this really is a show with mystery and interest. I said last review that it had 3 story arcs, and those were the mystery of the machine, the HR group & it's dealings, and then Alias's story line. Now in season 2 they expand much more on the HR plot point and it becomes the focus of most episodes and has disastrous results for a few characters, the story behind the machine also gets a little clearer but you'r still left in the dark on a few things and even gives you new questions to consider, Alias isn't really a main point in the series now, he has his appearances which help move the episodes along but really he's in the background. Some new arcs that have come about is the character of 'Root' - aa clever, but insane, hacker who views most people as "bad code", and for some reason wants to set the machine 'free' or something so that was interesting and gives some heart-pumping scenes. So all-in-all Person of Interest is still pretty enjoyable, they've got a new minor character who's scenes are very comedic and Finch & John now have dog too which is fun, so yes if you enjoyed season one then keep watching and the last episode really leaves you some pondering thoughts.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Star Trek Into Darkness

One word: tribble.

Yes! Finally, Star Trek Into Darkness - I think we've all waited enough of the 4 years to see this! Wow. To start my review I think I will say, if some fans were disappointed by he 2009's Star Trek and that it wasn't a giant fan fest, well, lets just say, you'd better watch this my friend. Star Trek Into Darkness gives the tie-ins, references and appearances you were asking for. That out the way, the story is excellent as well, the whole plot, the scenes and the action, but it definitely wasn't joking with 'Into Darkness'; this film doesn't really have as much humor as Star Trek but it has the odd quips and bits but its mostly a serious film, "that being said" long time fans will be smiling just because of whats happening. I have to say, there was a certain point where it looked as though it was going a certain way but then there was a certain scene with a certain unexpected person where it went back on track and I enjoyed every minute. Bennedict Cumberbatch of course was on top form, if anyone can play a villain its him; and then Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the other crew members were also superb and delivered well. So in the end Star Trek Into Darkness was what I think one of the best of the movies and I recommend it to fans of the whole franchise and new comers from 2009.

Friday, 10 May 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Iron Man 3

Okay, so this review has come a little later than intended, but for a good cause!

 Iron Man 3 is the first movie set after The Avengers/Avengers Assemble and the first movie in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It of course would be Iron Man as he started the franchise and is the most popular of The Avengers; so, how does his third movie do? Well, I first went to see  Iron Man 3 late last month in 3D and the again tonight in 2D, so it has marinated in my mind a bit and also had a refresh and in the end Iron Man 3 is just..... AWESOME! Yes I love it! The third installment if a brilliant piece of cinema and is just an enjoyable experience to watch. This movie has a different directer from 1 and 2 and you can defiantly see that; its differs so much from what we've seen of Iron Man movies, the story, the settings, the characters; Iron Man 3 has some scenes where your just like "WOW" especially one scene - it was in the trailer - where Iron Man has to save people who have fallen out the plane, that bit there was so thrilling to watch, I like how instead of green screen they used a stunt team with parachutes; you can defiantly see the money was used wisely. The film's story arc, although its nothing quit like you are expecting, did remind me of a few films such as The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible - yes I know, but you'll see where I'm coming from if you watch. And as some of you may know there is a twist in the middle of the movie that will split fans straight down the middle, I myself enjoyed the twist and rolled with it but I know that others will hate it. Talking about hating I couldn't really find anything wrong with this movie but a little surprise to me was the setting: Christmas, yes a summer movie is at Christmas time; it's not a major thing to the plot but it makes you aware of it which I thought was weird  and also I mentioned watching it in 3D - don't bother, I've seen much better 3D at LegoLand, it didn't really do anything for the movie but in 2D its a great watch with great references to The Avengers and of course the post-credit scene, so do go see Iron Man 3 and enjoy every minute!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

OJ's Movie Review - Oblivion

Wow. Okay then. Oblivion.

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, yes that's right, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Sometimes you just go to the movies and watch something you never expected at all. Before viewing this I watched reviews, asked opinions and looked up the general view so that all pointed to this movie being rubbish or boring, or not much too it. So then I'm walking in now not expecting much at all from a maybe 1 and half hour film - not expecting the 2 hour sci-fi mystery I witnessed! People said that this film didn't have much of a plot but they must have been watching something else! This movie had twist after twist after twist! The pieces getting together in your mind was almost like that of Inception; I mean this is a very interesting, complex - yet slightly simple concept that you don't see very often at all. To start off with it was very much like Wall-E and then had sets like that of The Time Machine and plot strands from i, Robot. All of that mixed together I have to go against most reviews and say I really enjoyed this. Oblivion for me was an unexpected surprise I liked. Oh, and by the way, the CGI in this movie was awesome; the whole atmosphere  landscapes, the ruins, looked brilliant. So yes, Oblivion is a good movie for people who love a good mystery but then also understand the revelation as some maybe need another watch or two.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

OJ's Book Review - Code

SNUP! So, the whole idea of the second book was so they could have tech in their base?

   Lol, I'm just joking, but I am glad they used the plot points from Seizure to tie in. In trilogies, the best one is usually the first or the last and in this case it is defiantly the last. Code is most unlike the first two and more darker as well; the whole plot is like something you'd see in a movie and is really fun to follow; every character from the series is in this book as I wasn't expecting to see one or two of them but they all do something with the plot and as you know I like references and this book defiantly referred to a few points from Virals every now and again. Code also referenced things were might see in the future; yes the end of this book certainly sets up a 4th even though I understood it to be a trilogy, so, we'll have to see. In the end I really liked Code and towards the end is a really gripping sequence of events that leave you wanting more - but that's just it, with Kathy Reichs' Virals series it's only really the end that makes it good, the bits before and the beginning I'm not that interested in picking up as soon as I can, I can say I have read others where I've spent every spare minute reading but with these - even though they are good and have a sense of realism using the technical terms - I'm not always drawn straight from the beginning. But if you have read the first two you should defiantly get a hold of Code as it is very good and unearths some interesting secrets.

Monday, 21 January 2013

OJ's TV Review - Person of Interest season 1

Eagle Eye!

  I sat down the other day and watched the first season of the new show Person of Interest (not all in one day though). It stars this ex-military man, John Reese, who has lots of skills but has nothing better to do so he joins Harold Finch and becomes a vigilante to people who are going to be in danger. The reason they know people will be part of a crime is that Harold built a top secret machine many years ago that looks at everything and everyone (an Eagle Eye spin-off) and it sends him Social Security Numbers of the people. A very good premise that if gone the wrong way could be very bad, we don't want another Alcatraz. But thankfully this show is really good, but there is a problem; the first episode is probably the worst ever, it went really quick and boring and I don't know why I bothered with the next one because it actually starts getting good around episode 5 and then from episode 8 its brilliant, but you do have to watch the whole series to know the details and things. This season also has a few story arcs, actually 3 by the end and they are really fun to follow. The mystery of Harold's past and the Machine is the primary one but then you also get some more which is enjoyable. So, apart from the beginning this show is very enjoyable with loads of action, more humour towards the end of the season and defiantly some thrills so I recommend it to cop show fans, sci-fi fans and thrill lovers.

Monday, 31 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: 2012

My first review this year is the movie 2012!
  OK, so right now most people have put this film in the comedy section but I've just re-watched it and here is my view. 2012 is obviously about the world ending on the Mayan date of December 21st (I remember; it was a Friday) and it revolves around one man and his family surviving. So the bad parts; none of it came true, the acting was a little shabby and was just a mash up of heavy CGI. But when you actually watch it as just a disaster movie and forget the dates at the bottom of the screen or the stupid reasons its all happening and just watch it, its not half bad. The whole impossibility is fun to watch and the awesome CGI is enjoyable to see as it is not rubbish at all. Also the characters you sometimes actually wanted to survive and emotional scenes feature a lot. It may be an hour or 30 minuets to long but by the end you feel like, well, you just watched the end of the world. So just go and sit down to watch this and view it as just a full on disaster movie and 2 & a half hours of fun CG effects.

By the way, even though this post says it was published on 31st December 2012, I can tell you I wrote and posted this review in 2013; so you can either see this as my last review of 2012, or first review n 2013 - either way I don't mind.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Signs

Gibson, Phoenix, aliens...

  I didn't know much about M. Night Shyamalan when watching this, and yes, I did see The Village before this, so my opinion of his films are..... not that bad. Against popular opinion I quite like his movies; admittedly I've only seen 3 of them, but they are good. And out that I think Signs is the best and a very good, clever and unnerving film. The premise is an ex-priest who's wife was killed and so he lost his faith; 6 months later and strange things are happening to the town and his cornfields. Now this film isn't your usual alien invasion film; it doesn't have the military  or the space-tech or any of that, it literally gives you the view of an unfortunate civilian living with his family. The whole film is basically set inside a house giving you the almost claustrophobic feeling, and then there's the eerie shots and quick flashes of 'something' that really scares you and freaks you out. Let me tell you, after watching this on a dark night you won't be turning the lights off for a while, or sleeping for that matter. This film is also very funny. The dialogue is very humorous almost relaxing you before the scene of terror comes;  there is a lot of suspense and thought provoking ideas that leave you wanting more. So go see it and tell me your thoughts on Signs.

Monday, 3 December 2012

OJ Reviewing: Jurassic Park The Game

Jurassic Park is my probably my all-time favourite movie and now they have a game!

  So I liked Operation Genesis, but this is an actual story, set inside the events of Jurassic Park the film and after. I've never played a game like this before and I really enjoyed it. The graphics were good and the storyline definatly had a few twists. As you play you sometimes expect things and sometimes you don't which is really good. It is split up into 4 Episodes and each episode is like a film of its own with all the credits coming up at the beginning on the screen with Director's names and things that made it feel like you were watching a movie. The characters you start to like and get along with and watching them is fun and then if you are too slow (like me) you get to see them being eaten. The dinosaurs I really liked; they had all the classics from the first film and along with some awesome new ones ans I especially like the places they take you; some parts you never knew existed. The game play was good as well, sometimes there are trick controls and you have to be really quick using the arrow keys (if on PC version) and you have to look for things in some scenery and you may have to do things in a certain order which is good. So overall I really liked the game, probably as much as the movie and will go back through some of he scenarios to get Gold medals as sometimes you get Gold, Silver, or Bronze if you do well.